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Although each DNA vendor website offers a limited set of built-in links to download match lists and shared segment information and sometimes, tree data, the types of data and how they are kept varies from platform to platform. Moreover, many kinds of information displayed on the screen can’t be downloaded at all. Because of site to site differences the researcher has no way to capture all of the information in a single system or consistent format.

The DNAGedcom Client reaches across platforms to acquire all available data to createa unified database on your computer that captures all available information from which you can download CSV files that operate a wide array of software programs designed to help genetic genealogy researchers, family historians and people seeking to untangle adoption mysteries.

This list describes how the 4 sets of tool in the Clientcan help you with your genetic genealogy research projects.

Gather Tools

  • Enable you to download all essential autosomal DNA kit data for any DNA kits you own or have access rights to at the major DNA platforms. These data include:
  • All match information
  • which matches share in common with (ICW) you what matches
  • how much DNA is shared (cM)
  • chromosome and segment details (excluding AncestryDNA)
  • trees and ethnicity for each match
  • notes that you have made on the vendor site
  • DAGEDCOM also helps you capture match information that may later be deleted or withdrawn from the vendor site at a later date
  • Use selected third party analysis programs designed to extend your genealogical research, downloading data makes it possible to manage kit data from different platforms in one place. The CSV files created by DNAGedcom can be also be used with supported third-party DNA analysis tools including
  • Genetic.Family, DNAGEDCOM’s own online research collaboration tools
  • GenomeMate Pro,
  • DNAPainter
  • RootsFinder DNATools.

Autosomal Tools

Understanding in depth how individual s and groups of people whose  kits typically range from 2,000 to 100,000 matches is beyond the scope of ordinary manual research methods. The Autosomal Tools give you two state of–the-art cluster analysis tools to help you rapidly uncover groups of matches sharing a common ancestry by making them visible in color coded matrices. Matrix reports can optionally include trees, your own notes and custom filters from the vendor’s site.

  • CLM uses the highly regard Collins Leeds Method to analyze in-common-with (ICW) relationships among matches
  • CMA goes beyond CLM to cluster ICW matches and show chromosome and segment details

People Tools

Keeping track of surname and ancestor data is a special challenge. The Client helps you track them across your kits on multiple platforms with 4 tools:

  • Surnames: see counts and matches’ details of most frequent surnames
  • Ancestor Search: search your database for ancestor names
  • WikiTree GEDCOM Tool: extract up to 10 generations of ancestry for an individual with a WikiTree ID
  • Kit Search Search gathered kits for people, surnames, and trees

Data Tools

The Client provides data management tools to help keep research up to date as new matches are added to you DNA profiles.

  • Gather History: track which kits you have gathered
  • Scheduling: lets you automate updates for kits you have previously gathered
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