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Gathering 23andme Data Overview and Step by Step

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Gathering 23andme Data

Once you have installed the application, logged in, and set up your database location and name, click on GATHER at the top of the screen.

On the GATHER screen you will choose which DNA Profile as well as which kinds of ICW data to collect for that profile.

Quick Steps

1.       Login to

  1. Enter the email address and password for the desired 23ANDME account and click Login. The message “You are logged into 23ANDME” is displayed.
    1. Click the Remember Me box to remember your login in the future. If you log in under different email addresses and have checked “remember me” for each new login, the pull-down menu will list the different email addresses available.

2.       Choose a profile to launch gather shares.

3.       Click Gather matches,

  1. When complete the green “Finished Gathering Shares” message will appear.
    1. Match files are named “profile name+23andMe_RF.csv”

4.       Chose Type of ICW to gather based on what analyses you plan to run later

  1. Use all matches or overlapping matches (more precise) if you plan to run theCLA matrix tool. Files are named “<profile name>_Overlap_23andme_FIA.csv”
    1. Use overlapping matches if you plan to run the CMA matrix tool. Files are named “<profile name>_Combiined_23andme_FIA.csv”
    1. Use individual kit name to gather for a single kit. Files are named “<profile name>_23andme_FIA.csv”

5.       Click Gather ICW

6.       Cancel a Gather (optional, only green when active).

Cancel with retain whatever was collected and resume where you left off the next time you gather.

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