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Gathering FTDNA Data Overview

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Once you have installed the application, logged in, and set up your database location and name, click on GATHER at the top of the screen.

On the GATHER screen you will choose which DNA Profile as well as which kinds of data to collect for that profile. There are 3 basic steps to gather FTDNA data: 1. login to FTDNA, 2. select a profile to gather data; 3. set gather options to choose which data for which matches to gather in the current session. There are also options for clearing previously gathered data; running reports that update previous .csv data files, and for synchronizing (uploading) data to For details on each step s

Quick Steps: FTDNA


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  1. Login to
  2. Choose a profile to gather

Set gather options

  • set cM range
  • set the minimum cM segment size
  • set Gather ICW
  • set Gather Trees
  • set Gather Ethnicity
  • Click Gather DNA Data to write CSV files
  • Updating options
    Run report after a re gather to update CSV data files
    • Use Clear to purge data from database before a regather, i.e. fresh start
  • Cancel a Gather (optional, only green when active)
    • Other features
      Sync to
    • FTDNA match filters
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