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Gathering Gedmatch Data: Overview

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Please note: the interface will be updated soon.

Once you have installed the application, logged in, and set up your database location and name, click on GATHER at the top of the screen.

On the GATHER screen you will choose which DNA Profile as well as which kinds of data to collect for that profile. There are 3 basic steps to gather GEDMATCH data: 1. login to GEDMATCH, 2. select a profile to gather data; 3. set gather options to choose which data to gather in the current session. (Note: The GMP ID is the gedmatch kit number and not currently displayed in the GMP box.)

Quick Steps

  1. Login to
  2. Enter a Gedmatch Kit number
  3. Click Gather Matches/ICW to write CSV files
    1. Match file name format is “kitnumber_Gedmatch_Matches.cvs
    1. Chromosome file name is “kitnumber_ChromosomeBrowser.csv”
    1. ICW file name is “kitnumber_ICW.csv
    1. Tree file is ”kitnumber_Family_Finder_Trees.csv”
  4. Click Gather Trees
  5. Cancel is  an optional feature, only green when active.

Cancel writes all  data gathered before cancel to the database
and writes CSV files for whatever is in the database at that point in time

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