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Step by Step Details FTDNA

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Step by Step Details

  1. FTDNA Login

Enter the email address and password for the desired FTDNA account and click Login. The message “You are logged into FTDNA” is displayed.

Click the Remember Me box to remember your login in the future. If you log in under different email addresses and have checked “remember me” for each new login, the pull-down menu will list the different email addresses available.

  • Chose a Profile to gather

Chose an FTDNA DNA profile from the pull-down Profile menu. Any kits for which you have viewing, collaborate or manager rights will appear in this menu.

  • Select Gather Options

If no options for Gathering the DNA matches of the selected Profile are entered or checked, the DNAGedcom Client will default to gathering match data on all matches reported by FTDNA who share 6 or more cMs with the profile person. Setting gather options will let you control how long a gather process will take

Matches are saved to a  .CSV file named “m_tester_name.csv” where “tester_name” is the name you chose for the DNA test in your FTDNA DNA test settings.

  • Select cM Range

At, each of your DNA matches can share as little as 6 cMs and as many as 3,500 cMs with you. Enter the desired minimum number of cMs a DNA match must share and the maximum a DNA match can share to select the range of DNA matches to be gathered.

  • Set Chromosome Mn  

This sets a lower limit on the size of single segments reported in the Chromosome file. If blank, shared segments as small as 1 cM will be reported.

  • Gather ICW

Check this box to gather the In Common With (ICW) information for the selected Profile to your DNAGedcom database. A separate .CSV file named “icw_tester_name.csv” is saved to your computer.

If you want to update a gather, simply rerun with the same settings to pick up new matches along with their data. Previously collected data remains in the database.

Clicking the “Clear ICW” button will delete all existing ICW data from your database before you re-gather the ICW information.

  • Gather Trees

Check this box to gather the Tree information for the selected Profile to your DNAGedcom database. A separate .CSV file named “a_tester_name.csv” is saved to your computer.

Click the “Clear Trees” button to update your database by re-gathering the Tree information

  • Gather Ethnicity

Check this box to gather the Ethnicity information for the selected Profile to your DNAGedcom database. The ethnicity information for each match will be saved to your matches .CSV file named “m_tester_name.csv”. Click the “Clear Ethnicity” button to update your database by re-gathering the Ethnicity information.

  • Click Gather DNA Data to launch the gather

Once the desired options are selected, click on the Gather DNA Data bar to gather the DNA matches from the selected Profile. The DNAGedcom Client will gather the DNA matches for the selected Profile using the selected options.

While the gather is running. the screen will display a message showing the level of cMs being gathered, the percentage and number gathered so far of the all matches, and the estimated time to remaining to complete in day:hour:minutes:seconds format. It always shows the total possible kits, but adjusts estimates based on what options you have clicked.

  1. Other Options

    1. Run Report

Click on the Run Report bar to create new CSV files from the existing information in your database. This will overwrite any existing .CSV file with the same name.

  • Sync to GF

If you are a user, this button will upload the data you have gathered to your collection of DNA profiles. See Genetic.Family for more information about its unique collaboration tools and services.

  • Cancel Gather

 (optional, only green when active).Cancel with retain whatever was collected and resume where you left off the next time you gather.

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