Getting Started

What is the DNAGedcom Client?

DNAGedcom Client is a Windows/Mac application that runs on your computer. It creates a private database on your computer to enable you to keep important genetic genealogy information from all of your DNA kits at any major vendor in one place.

Note: DNAGedcom Client should not be confused with the website. It should also not be confused with Genetic.Family, a companion website for DNA analysis. Click here to go to the Genetic.Family website.

Register at DNAGedcom

Before installing the DNAGedcom Client you will need to register for an account with

Install DNAGedcom Client

There are two different installers for DNAGedcom. One for Windows and one for Mac. Select the installer from below and follow the on screen instructions to download it to your computer and install the DNAGedcom Client.

Initial Setup

When you first install the DNAGedcom Client application, you will need to configure it to go to a particular folder on your computer where you want to save your information. To do this, after logging in using your log in, click on the gear in the top right of the application. Chose the Database (DB) Folder where you want to save the files to your computer. You can leave the Database Name as DNAGedcom.db or you can append the name of the DNA tester whose data you are gathering, such as, “john.doe.DNAGedcom.db”. Click the SAVE bar to save your changes.

  • Click the “Open Folder” bar to open the folder location for your database.
  • Click the “Fix Database” bar to correct a potentially corrupted database.
  • Click the “Enable” bar to activate the link to Genetic.Family Bridge that links your DNAGedcom data to the Genetic.Family website.