Intro to DNAGedcom


DNAGedcom is happy to give all RootsTech attendees and their friends a discount on a yearly Gold subscription for only $89.00.  Use the following link to subscribe.

You can also see download Rob’s presentation here:

Gather data from Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage, FTDNA, and GEDmatch

  • Your username/password is never sent to us or stored by us
  • Your data is stored locally
  • Your data is your data – it is stored in CSV spreadsheets and in a SQLite database fully available to you

Cluster your matches two ways

CLM – Ancestor-Based Clustering

Collins Leeds Method Example
  • Cluster matches based on ICW (Shared Matches)
  • View common ancestors within the match trees
  • View chromosome browser info for entire clusters where available

CMA – Segment-Based Clustering

Chromosome Matrix App
  • Cluster matches based on individual Chromosome Segment
  • View clusters for each Chromosome separately
  • View common Ancestors within the match trees

Search your matches directly

Search Your Matches